Instructions for the meditations are also available at a few days before the event.

The workshop will be repeated on Saturday, October 17th at 9a.m. (in the morning!)

dedicated to the challenges of this moment and to the question how we would like to develop our network.

The combination of the “covid pandemic” with accelerating “climate changes,” coupled with the migration crisis and the rise of despotic regimes that do not care for ecology issues, might in a short time lead to a collapse of the vital-energetic systems of the Earth. We need to support Gaia and her elemental worlds so that the Thread of Life stays preserved.

The workshop is based on telepathic communication, so you are free to choose the place from which you will collaborate. You can find the German, Slovenian, Russian, French, Spanish Hebrew and English versions of this workshop plan on the LifeNet Gathering 2020 home page: or at
The program was prepared by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassador You may invite your friends or collaborators whom you trust to this workshop by distributing the program via e-mail. Do not worry about time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 8pm in the evening of October 11th according to your local time. Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the timetable.

9pm–9:10 Group Attunement
1. Although we are widespread across Europe and beyond, we feel the presence of our community that has come together because of our love for Earthly creation and a sense of shared responsibility for the life of the Earth.
2. Next we need to create the space composed of etheric membranes in which our workshop will take place. Ask that these membranes may also protect us and hide us from forces that try to reverse the evolutionary path of the Earth and humanity and to block our creative efforts.
3. We ask for the support and cooperation of all beings from different realms of the planet that ensure the development of life upon the Earth.
4. Use toning during the workshop when you feel to do so, perhaps using vowels, especially if your work gets stuck!

9:10pm – 9:25 First Exercise
Due to the crisis situation describe above one can imagine that the continuation of life upon the Earth will not take a linear path – rather, a kind of a quantum leap to another frequency level. We can use the following exercise to experience and consequently to embody this new level upon which the vital organism of the Earth already functions.
1. Imagine that you stand on a little piece of ground that is not much larger then that covered by your feet. Surrounding and extending around you cold water that seems to be boiling. Take time to enter into the corresponding feeling.
2. Then imagine lifting yourself 2 to 3 inches above the ground. Remain there for a while to adapt to the new frequency level.
3. Still “levitating,” turn carefully around to face your back space. Work on perceiving the quality of the new space.
4. You can also turn 90 degrees four times - one after the other - so that you face all four cardinal points of the circle to gather different experiences of the new space of reality.
5. Then remain in inner peace for a while so that your cellular memory can remember the experience. Share it telepathically with your fellow beings, be it elemental, animal origin, or human.

9:25pm to 9:40 Second Exercise
The new multi-dimensional Earth is so different that we may get lost in the new conditions without a strong bond and communication channel connecting us to our personal elemental being. The human elemental being represents a holographic piece (a fractal) of Gaia consciousness within each human being. This being inherits from Gaia the knowledge needed to become an elemental master, able to guide us through the challenges of the transition leading towards the new space of reality.
1. The presence of the personal elemental being is focused on the axis between the end of the breastbone and the heart muscle. Find your point of entry into the exercise along this axis.
2. With your imagination then move toward your back space. Without stopping there continue to the place about 8 inches below your feet.
3. There is an inter-dimensional portal that you need to pass through. You can imagine it in the form an ear of the needle, a mandorla or a bright star.
4. After you have passed through the portal enter your body at the point where you have started your travel.
5. Perhaps repeat the exercise few times and make yourself friends with your new guide – a precious aspect of yourself, helpful while you are walking the path of embodiment.

9:40pm – 9.50
Take a break to digest the experience or to continue exercising.
The above exercise can also be used to deal with the personal health issues. To do so you need to show the elemental being the location of the problem - perhaps with the help of your thumb and index finger connected - and a few times touch the corresponding place on your body.

9:50pm – 10:05 Covid 19 Theme – First Part
Viruses are the tiniest members of the universe of microorganisms. They guard the door between the causal and embodied worlds to secure only those patterns that can enter the manifested world and be embodied are in tune with the matrix of life.
Three of the portals that lead to the manifested world were broken so as to make the manipulation of manifested life possible at all levels – what we presently are experiencing in our world. Consequently the work of viruses was reversed to become a horror to human family. Let us first work with reconstructing the backbone portal (door).
1. Establish your connection to your personal elemental being as described above.
2. Then go with your attention to the upper part of your coccyx. In that location between the vertebrae, a red horizontal triangle is positioned as a door for primeval (dragon) powers to enter our body. The base of this triangle has been broken, making the manipulation described above possible.
3. To recreate the triangle we need to breath through this triangle. While breathing imagine leading your breath vertically through that triangle. Move with your breath up and down between the lowest chakra under your feet and the highest chakra above your head (as far you can reach with your hand).
4. Spread the knowledge of the renewed backbone portal among the human family.

10:05p.m – 10:20 Covid 19 Theme – Second Part
Two other inter-dimensional doors between the causal and embodied levels that are misused are located in the region of the head. One is found at the back of your head where the connection to the ancestors and descendants is focused, and the other one is in the center of your head. There the capacity of human brain to create visions is misused to fabricate imaginations of nonsense and disorder (that manifest afterwards).
1. Imagine a horizontal golden circle at the level of both centers positioned around your head, representing the matrix of life.
2. This time you need to guide your breath horizontally through those two centers so that their true function will be renewed.
3. Inhale from the point in front of your forehead, so that the flow of the breath runs backward to the point behind your scull. Then direct the exhale flow left and right along the path of the golden circle till you arrive at the point in front of your forehead. A second inhale starts…
4. Spread the knowledge of the renewed head portals among the human family.

10:20pm – 10:35 Network for Life (LifeNet) Theme
The Network for Life is needed because the disastrous effects of the ongoing “climate changes” and resulting disorientation within the human family cannot be dealt with only at the rational level – nor can it be dealt with only through spiritual practice. What is also needed is the knowledge of the Earth’s geomantic systems, contacts with the parallel evolutions, like the elemental one, and it especially needs a rather large group of people who hold deep connections to Gaia, the creator of the Earthly universe. We focus upon the question how to develop LifeNet in this direction as­ the network this year celebrates 20 years of its activity.
1. Imagine us, those collaborating in this telepathic workshop, standing in a circle around the material Earth globe together with our friends and with beings from different realms of life.
2. Then feel how the material Earth opens like a flower and imagine that a whole cluster of spheres come out of the Earth, some more, others less transparent.
3. Each of them is home to one of the parallel evolutions that constitute the universe of the Earth – which includes our sphere of the manifested world with the human family together with minerals, animals and plants.
4. What kind of communication and activities do we need to support or to develop so the Network for Life (Lebensnetz) can secure the Thread of Life, so that the Thread does not break under the pressure of present day circumstances?

10:35pm Conclusion
1. Give thanks to each other and to our guests from the parallel worlds.
2. Stay connected with LifeNet. If you are not yet on the list you can send your mail address to


Saturday, 8 August 2020 from 8pm to 9.40pm

The workshop will be repeated on Sunday, 9 August 2020 at the same time


The workshop is based on telepathic communication, so you are free to choose the place from which you will collaborate.

You can find the German, Slovenian, Russian, French, Spanish Hebrew and English versions of this workshop plan on the LifeNet Gathering 2020 home page: You can also ask Iveta Šugarkova from Czechia who coordinates the Telepathic Cyclic Workshop to send it to you via e-mail: and please tell her which of the mentioned languages you need.

The program was prepared by Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace, UN Goodwill Ambassador and by the VITAAA team from Slovenia.

To this workshop, you can invite your friends or collaborators whom you trust by distributing the program via e-mail.

Do not worry about time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 8pm in the evening of August 8th according to your local time.

Have the workshop plan printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table.

Find within each sequence some moments to write down your experiences to be able to share them later with the group.

Our intuition, dreams and exchange tell us that right now the humanity stands at one of the decisive crossroads. One road leads towards a complete robotisation of our society and control over the individual. The other road leads towards co-creation with the beings of this wonderful Earth, those visible and invisible, and towards peace among peoples of the human race.

A relatively large group is needed to express the decision, which of the two paths we want to walk in the next years and onward towards the future. We believe that everybody of us collaborating here already made her or his decision to follow the path of life and freedom. The purpose of this telepathic workshop is to communicate our decision to the beings of the Earth and the Universe and to ground it in the body of the planet as well as within our body. We do this as a holographic piece (fractal) of humanity as a whole.

8pm–8:10 Group attunement

The landscape where we gather for our workshop is at the very north of the backbone of Europe. We gather over the large body of Greenland.

  1. First we as human beings form a circle above Greenland being aware of each other and our common purpose for coming together at this moment.

  2. Then we invite other beings of the Earth and the Universe to join us. Try to feel their presence welcoming them.

  3. We form our etheric workshop space ship in which we will travel all the way down to the Red Sea and back to Greenland.

  4. Make our space ship invisible because we may touch on our path places that are under massive control.

8:10–8:20 Cleaning our body and the planet

  1. Imagine that here in the north is as cold as it always was and yet you are sweating terribly. All substances and patterns that do not belong to your essence leave your body in the form of dark drops.

  2. Than become aware that also features of your environment are sweating (also trees and buildings…) with dark drops leaving them.

  3. Than imagine also big cities, industrial estates and army camps etc. worldwide sweating! Old human projections and powers are leaving the planet.

  4. All these gigantic streams of dark drops unite and flow into the cosmic space attracted by the rings of Saturn. The rings of the planet Saturn represent a recycling mill capable of returning the dark energy particles back to their light source.

  5. (If on the way south, you find yourself in situations where you are urged to do some cleaning, use the same method.)

8:20–8:30 The fiery waters of Iceland

Water will be the partner in our creation tonight. We start with the fiery water of Iceland’s geysers.

  1. Feel within yourself the fiery water of Gaia’s inspiration: like a geyser it has its source at the bottom of your body. Its drops of inspiration reach to all spaces and corners of your body and consciousness.

  2. Imagine that geysers of Gaia’s inspiration appear all over the Earth inspiring people to detach from the old patterns of behaviour and get to know their true essence.

8:30–8:50 To connect the waters of the Earth

Proceeding south imagine that we stand in the middle of Germany (in the middle of Europe) and together with our guests from different dimensions of life we form a large circle – in effect a huge vessel.

  1. Imagine that all the rivers of Europe send 10 percent of their water to that vessel.

  2. Imagine that also the main rivers of the world send 10 percent of their water to that vessel.

  3. The water in our vessel is now as high to touch our hearts. There is an intense exchange of love between the waters of the planet and our hearts.

  4. Finally the Pacific Ocean arrives from the east to touch the back of your heart.

  5. The Atlantic Ocean arrives from the west to touch the back of your heart. (If needed change your position in the circle accordingly.)

  6. Feel the waters of the Earth perfectly balanced within your body and upon the planet.

8:50–9pm Cosmic connection of water

  1. We open our circle to the south and the water we have gathered in our vessel happily approaches the Dragon of the Alps.

  2. Touching the high mountains, water rises into the vertical position. Imagine pillars of water reaching towards stars, embodying the cosmic inspiration

  3. Feel those pillars of water within you and open up to the cosmic inspiration they bring to you.

9pm– 9:10 Take some moments of rest and write down your experiences

9:10–9:20 The matrix of the Earth

  1. The water that we have gathered till now spreads over Balkans – the Greece included.

  2. Widely spread above the landscape, similar to an energy field, it moves in the counter-clockwise direction in circles centred above the place of the Bosnian Pyramids.

  3. During its slow movement it incorporates the patterns of the Matrix of Life that Gaia and her co-workers have created during the evolution of the planet.

  4. Feel the same horizontal field within yourself moving around the centre situated behind your navel.

9:20 –9:30 Beirut explosion

During the preparation for this workshop, the terrible explosion happened in the port of Beirut that has shattered the etheric space between Balkans and Sinai important for the next sequence on our path. It is the consequence of the collision of the Earth with an outdated planet and its civilization that happened at the etheric level not too far ago. It is a dark planet that has lost its purpose in Cosmos and tries to incarnate in the Earth and within humanity pushing us on the wrong path.

To heal the wound in the Mediterranean we use the Gaia Touch ritual “The Tear of Divine Grace”:

  1. Lift your hands in the prayer gesture to the level of your heart and let the drop of your compassion (related to the persons, places or situation concerned) drop into the space between your palms.

  2. Bow to the Earth, reaching with your imagination deep into the realm of Gaia, the Mother of Life. Create a vessel with your hands and ask Gaia for a drop of her forgiveness, related to the distress or insult done to the given aspect of life, to a place or to her beings.

  3. Straighten up and lift the vessel of your hands (containing already the drop of your compassion and the drop of Gaia’s forgiveness) to the heavens and ask for a drop of the divine grace.

  4. The healing water is now collected in a homeopathic way. Guide the vessel of your hands so that in your imagination you direct the healing water towards its preconceived goal. Intention of your heart and attention of your consciousness constitute together a bridge to guide the healing impulse to where it is needed.

  5. Give thanks. Based on the principle of personal faith and telepathy, this ritual can work also over long distances.

9:30–9:50 The Red Sea

Before reaching our final destination, the Red Sea, we need to clean it so that it will be able to accept the multidimensional watery stream that we have created on our way south.

  1. Imagine that the Moon comes closer to the Red Sea. Remember that water follows the rhythms of ebb and flow directed by the Moon!

  2. The Moon creates such a strong upward surge that it pulls to itself all the water of the Red Sea to clean it from human projections.

  3. Red Sea, now dry, reveals itself as a huge portal open to the inner dimensions of the Earth.

  4. Before Moon gives back the sea water of the Red Sea, the water that we brought from the north runs over the mountains of Sinai into the dry basin of the Red Sea.

  5. This impulse awakens the dragon of Europe’s kundalini, the primeval power of life sleeping behind the portal of the Red Sea.

  6. Similar to a watery snake, the dragon of Europe moves through its underground as a stream of the primeval water all the way up along the backbone of Europe till it reaches its highest point, the land of Greenland. It touches the surface of the Earth with its blessing at the points we visited on our way.

  7. Follow its path through your body from your heels up to the highest chakra - as high as you can reach with your hands. Its path does not lead within the backbone (as in the case of kundalini) but flows as a water stream behind the backbone and also behind your scull, touching them at certain points.

9:50–10pm Conclusion

  1. Share the information gathered within the body of Europe with other continents.

  2. Give thanks to each other and to our guests from the parallel worlds.

  3. Decompose our space ship returning its particles to the universal treasury and detach from our group.

  4. Write down your experiences before you forget them.

Please share your experiences at the above-mentioned LifeNet Gathering 2020 home page.


Saturn, Moon, rivers and oceans that perform an important role in this work are not only distant planets or water bodies but also archetypal beings close to our consciousness.

The DRAWING: The backbone of Europe is to be found on

Dear friends, known and unknown, co-creators of the telepathic workshops,

I hope you are not tired of the telepathic kind of work, born under the (continuing) Covid lockdown situations of 2020!
>From my experience of the socialist Yugoslavia I know that those awful decisions that concern the wellbeing of citizens were often made in the month of August when people were on holidays not being attentive. Something similar happens now.
My intuition, my dreams and my close co-workers tell me that right now the humanity stands on a decisive crossroads. One road leads towards a complete robotisation of our society and control over the individual. The other road leads towards co-creation with the beings of this wonderful Earth, those visible and invisible, and towards peace among peoples of the human race.
It needs a relative large group to express the decision which of the two paths we want to walk in the next years and onward towards the future.
It is not enough to express the decision mentally. The decision needs to be expressed through different languages and in a multidimensional way. I firmly believe that the language of the telepathic workshops is a proper venue to express such a decision.

I am aware that some of you are on holidays but would still like to cooperate. So I propose to do the telepathic workshop (to decide which of the two paths we want to take) in the evening time, on Saturday, August the 8th at 20.00 with the repetition (for those who can not do it on Saturday or who want to repeat it) on Sunday, August 9th the same time.
Do not worry about the time differences. We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at 20.00 according to your time zone.
You will find the workshop program in different languages on Friday, August 7th on the LifeNet Gathering 2020 Website or on the LifeNet webpage, those from Cyclic workshop can ask Iveta to send you the program.

Another theme that needs to be addressed is about perception and sharing of perceptions after the telepathic workshops. Do not hesitate to share your perceptions even if they are totally different from all others. The shared experiences of the last few months show that perceptions are almost always different. This is a decisive evolutionary step to detach from the arbitrary idea that the reality of life is an objective thing. No! Each moment of life is different and so we are different from each other also. The reality is a fusion of the “objective” presence of a landscape, a being etc. and the subjective, co-creative perception of the individual.
All the different perceptions add something valuable to the multifaceted reality of the given place or being. Places and beings are part of the elemental consciousness of Gaia and can decide by themselves what of the material perceived by the workshop group can help them to become more free and whole - and what should be left to us individually because it is important for our personal experience and evolution.
When I read the reports I feel the sincerity of the author’s presence behind the written text and this is what matters.
Regarding the enthusiastic response to different telepathic projects and relating to my own experience I believe that we are doing a valuable work for now and for the future.

Love and thanks, Marko Pogačnik UNESCO Artist for Peace, UNO Goodwill Ambassador, Šempas, Slovenia, 3.8.2020

Meditation of the Month July 20th 2020 - August 20th 2020 – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace




What this civilization is doing is a total mental structuring of the manifested world. As a consequence stiff patterns appear at the Earth's surface that prevent free flow of life through the organism of landscapes and continents. Gaia, the creator of the Earthly universe loses contact with her creation.

Here is a proposal to support the flow of life involving our breathing:

Imagine inhaling the life power of Gaia from the core of the Earth. Lead the breath up to the point behind your navel.

While exhaling let the life force flow from there in the form of circular waves into your environment and the world.

With the next inhale you should return to the point behind your navel and exhaling back to the core of Gaia.

After a short pause the next inhale from the core of the planet starts and so on…

Instead you can for the same purpose use the image of pure water coming rhythmically from the core of the Earth distributed in the form of circular waves into your environment and the world.

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