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with Haro Wijnsouw

15th - 16 - 17th July

Workshop "changing earth" Taennchel, Elzas

The hills of the Taennchelmassif in the Elzas play an important roll in Western Europe. They have a big regenerating function and are in the entire transformation process indispensable for the  conciousness of the landscape and her inhabitants.

The bizar rock formations who carry names as 'les roches des Géants' and 'le Venuskopf', the holly sources and the so cald Celtic wall make a mysterious whole. The area is called Elf mountain by the people.

This unique spot is ideal for making a deep connection with the existing ethereal life, with the deeper layers of nature and ourselves. In this workshop we investigate the different functions from the area, in relation to the near Rhine and the broader landscape of Western Europe. We'll consider our own roll in the changes on earth.

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Feel welcome!

Summerschool Iona 2017

Saturday 8th of July until Saturday 23th of July 2017

Reintegrating nature into our spiriatual path

1st week @ the Leob Croft on the Isle of Mull and Iona („the conference“)
2nd week: a journey to Ben Nevis (highest Mountain in the UK) and to the Orkney Isles with the biggest stone circle in the UK, the „Ring of Brodgar“, visiting Karl Königs former office in Camphill Aberdeen. Ends in Edinburgh @ the Roslyn Chappel.

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Workshop Latvia with
Marko Pogacnik

July 20th – 23th 2017


I perceive Latvia as a strong threshold between the great Russian plain focussed on the element of Earth and the Baltic region which is home of the element of Air and of the Gaia centred consciousness

The Latvia workshop can offer few important aspects of experience:

  • How to transform the bodily sensations into conscious multidimensional perception.
  • The region where we will be working represents a door into the inner worlds of the Baltic sea. It is possible to enter into the Baltic underground regions and to experience the elemental beings working there.
  • The part of Latvia where we will be working enables also to experience the white light of the northern regions of Europe and at the same time to work on the personal grounding.

Marko has developed different tools of perceiving and working in the landscape, among them the Gaia Touch body exercises and methods of enlarged perception. His way of work is simple so that everybody interested can cope with it.

More Information in PDF, Contact: Alda/LifeNet, Helle Helborg,

Tel; ++46 156 14144 Please book before April 15th

Summer Weeks 2017
in Norwegian Mountains

Dirk Kruse
Manfred Schleyer and others

Monday 31. July – Saturday 12. August 2017

Summer Weeks 2017 will be taking place in the Norwegian High Mountains of Jotunheimen (“Giants`home”)

Below you will find some rough sketches based on the feedback from the Summer Weeks 2016.

Date: Monday 31. July – Saturday 12. August 2017

  • 1. week: Methods Main program: Retreat and meditation research, methods of spiritual research
  • 2. week: Excursion in the mountains

Possibly there will also be a Pre-programme in Oslo on the weekend before Week 1 – this is not decided yet.

Women's retreat
5th-12th August

The wise self 

This lovingly crafted retreat offers the opportunity to step away from your busy life, get back in touch with yourself and find the voice that whispers the truth within. The picturesque, calm surroundings of the Gea Viva retreat camp and the waters of the Adriatic sea, invite you to delve deeply into nature. Experience its mystic and creative powers. Fall asleep to the sounds of nature, enjoy delicious vegetarian food and the Summer vibes.

Explore a new way of being through dance, meditation, gathering in a sacred circle, ceremony, art and connecting with the hidden layers of nature. Connect to your authentic self and unleash your wild, wise inner woman. Our process will be supported by mysterious and powerful places in the landscape, its create energies and the Dragon’s cave. This cove's energies feel to be linked with Hestia/Vesta, the ancient Greek/Roman goddess of the hearth, fire and the state. Resting firmly within herself, Hestia createsthe magic that brings people together.

For further information:
Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire,
United Kingdom

with Clive Johnson and Sabine Engelhardt

27th- 29th October

Journeys with Gaia

The magical time of transformation at Samhain – is a perfect time to honour the beautiful workings of Gaia and her rich tapestry of life.

In a lovingly crafted and co-created workshop, we will engage with, and receive wisdom from the landscapes, wildlife and beings that surround us.
Join us for a magical weekend of discovery, meditation, and inspiration as we jointly connect with, give thanks for, and take wisdom from Gaia.

This workshop will be led by Sabine Engelhardt an ecologist, geomancer, founder of the Gea Viva project, and Clive Johnson an interfaith minister, labyrinth facilitator, retreat host and author.

Cost: £295 shared / £360 single until 23rd July 2017, £320 shared/ £385 single thereafter. Includes teaching, food and accommodation.

Registration and more information:
phone: 020 8816 7907
6th International LifeNet Conference on Lake Constance 2018


Preview: June in 2018

6th International LifeNet Conference on Lake Constance 2018

The series of life networks is continued. The next meeting will take place at Lake Constance in 2018 - probably during the summer season in June 2018.

The preparations have already begun with a meditation group. The members meet every 1-2 months on a Sunday evening for common meditation. Each person meditates at the appointed time at their own place.

In the first meditation, the Lake Constance welcomes us and invites us to work with it. The Lake Constance seems to be a central organ of the landscape of Europe and the earth.

Would you like to participate in the meditation group? Registration with Urs Hunziker, hunzikerurs@bluewin.chJun (language: it's in english)

Trips with Alexandra von Hellberg
On demand, Glastonbury, UK.

Walks and tours to sacred places in Southwest England

Due to its ancient historical heritage going back far before Celtic times, the South West of England is amongst the most famous and beautiful places in the world. It is home to the oldest stone buildings and temples of the western world, like the famous Stonehenge and Avebury, England's largest stone circle. Every summer many crop circles appear in this area, most of which you can visit. 

In Glastonbury you can find the memories of King Arthur, the Holy Grail, the goddess and a magical landscape. A wild and unspoiled coastline lies not far away, and you can enjoy the typical english countryside: beautiful green hills, lush nature, a soft and calm landscape.

I am based in Glastonbury (half an hour from Bristol Airport) , and can bring you any of these sites on day trips. Through guided meditations and channelings, I help you to connect with these places at a deeper level through your own perceptions. Usually, we share our experiences at every place we visit.
Around Glastonbury there are also sites, like the big stone circle of Stanton Drew, Camelot Castle (an ancient celtic hillfort with castle remains) or seaside places at the Devon/Dorset coast, which are less well known, and to which I can also take you to.

The programme is tailored to your preferences, ideally for groups from 4 persons upwards. Here is an example for a five-day programme:
• 1 or 2 days: walks around Glastonbury (The Tor, Chalice Well (red and white spring) Abbey, Gog and Magog, Wearyall Hill)
• 1 free day for relaxing or shopping in the lovely lanes of Glastonbury
• tour to Avebury (West Kennet Longbarrow, Kennet spring, Silbury Hill, Avebury, crop circles (from May to August) white horses)
• tour to Stonehenge (Woodhenge, Stonehenge, Cursus, The Avenue, King Barrows) (optional: Camelot Castle (South Cadbury), Stanton Drew stone circle, Stourhead, Compton Dundon...)

I can also offer these walks in Italian or German.

For inquiries and prices email me on:



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