Meditation of the Month March 20th - April 20th 2019 - with Addition – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace


Since a decade and more the colourful little spheres called “Orbs” attract attention. They usually appear on photographs taken at some strong places or in connection with events that show a special energy. Outwardly they look like tiny spheres, but seen from inside they are intelligent beings. I call then “Gaia Sparks” because they are part of the process through which Gaia, the Earth Goddess, creates her living planet. Sparks work at the sub-elemental levels similarly as microbes do at the material plane. The living organism of the Earth would be lost without myriads of Sparks that distribute Gaia’s primordial (dragon) powers and her consciousness among the living organism of the planet and its beings visible and invisible.

Sparks have started to attract human attention through the phenomena of the Orbs because they decided to offer their cooperation with the intent to accelerate the processes of change – being at the personal or planetary level. The April Meditation of the Month offers a possibility to enter in contact and to collaborate with Gaia Sparks.

The chakras of the Air element are sources of Sparks upon the human body. Four of them are known as “stigmata Christi” two of them focused upon the feet, and the other two at the palms of hands. Imagine them as interdimensional portals.

How do Sparks appear through those portals? They appear like air bubbles issuing from the mouth of a person immersed into water.

Decide upon which pair of the stigmata chakras you are going to use to support some among Gaia’s creative processes. For example:

  • May peace prevail upon all the different levels of the Earth!

  • May humanity become aware of Gaia’s plan to avoid the approaching threat for life of the planet!

  • Let humanity be inspired to cooperate with Gaia and her co-creative beings!

  • You may choose another aim according to your intuition.

Then release Gaia Sparks with the chosen message in the form of a continuing chain of air bubbles (Orbs) into your environment and around the world.


Dear friends of the LifeNet!

Only after we have sent the Meditation of the Month I became aware that the Meditation could be important also for the personal health or stability if the so-called “5th Stigma” is included, the one that complements the centres at the feet and hands.

Christian tradition knows a fifth stigma positioned at the right side of the thorax at the level of the pointed breastbone’s end. This centre is part of the composition of the chakras of the five Elements, this one being related to the element Water.

This chakra of the Water element represents an interdimensional portal through which Gaia Sparks can enter into the inner spaces of the human body to work there regenerating or healing. The process follows the conscious breathing:

Breathing in you should attract Gaias Sparks to enter your body through the mentioned interdimensional portal - through the fifth stigma. (The portal prevents rubbish to enter your body.)

While breathing out you should lead Sparks through the organs of your body or specifically there where their service is needed.

Through the next inhale lead Gaias Sparks towards the stigma and through the following exhale return them to the environment.

Now the next in-breath follows…

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