Meditation of the Month June 20th - July 20th 2019 – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace


Through its spiritual self the human being takes part in the angelic evolution that includes the evolution of the cosmic consciousness. Since we are simultaneously beings of the Earth, we take part also in the evolution of Gaia’s elemental world. Through our double identity humans represent a possible link between the angelic and the elemental world. Without the human being embodying this mediating role, both worlds could not cooperate directly with each other. Facing the challenges of the Earth Changes it is needed that we become at least aware of this important role assigned to us human beings. The cooperation between the three evolutions can guarantee a safe transition from the patriarchal rule of our epoch to the age of connectedness.

The link between the elemental and angelic evolutions can be activated at the individual level of each human being by connecting one’s elemental with the angelic (spiritual) self. The personal heart centre is the proper linking unit.

Start by being present and centred within your heart centre. From there you can re-create the connection to your angelic and elemental self.

To avoid the hierarchical patterns the connection should not be imagined in a vertical but rather in a diagonal way.

Departing from your heart centre choose a point that is positioned behind your back deep down within the Earth. It stands for the elemental world. Feel its beauty and strength.

If you follow the diagonal line connecting that point within the Earth and your heart centre, high up in front of your body you will find a focus of the angelic world.

Holding the connection to both focuses turn now your attention to your heart centre.

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