The 6th International Creative Gathering of LifeNet will be held 20th to 23rd June 2018 at Bodensee - Lake Constance


To support the process of global transformation in co-operation with the Earth, Marko Poga─Źnik proposes monthly a new meditation. If you wish to receive notifications for the monthly meditation, please sign up for our newsletter.

The 6th International LifeNet Gathering‚ 'Bringing together and connecting places and people' will take place from 20th to 23rd June 2018 at Bodensee - Lake Constance. Please also check out our international Seminars and events.

Geoculture is an impulse to find new ways that enable us to live in harmony with the Earth. To achieve this, we will need to find creative solutions how to transform all aspects of society .... more.

at the international Lifenet
for Geomancy and Transformation!

At this time of profound transformations on human, cosmic and global levels, new opportunities arise to create a new culture of co-creation, that Marko Poga─Źnik calls Geoculture.

This network is for people who co-operate with the subtle realms of existance through projects, courses, meditations, innitiates and groups.

Lifenet for Geomancy and Transformation | Network for mutual inspiration between humanity and the Earth |